Although, this being the twenty-first century, the Thumb Drive of Shadows would be more like it.


Founded in 1015, the knighthood was created to protect humanity from supernatural threats, often relating to darklings.

The order is made up of hundreds of units, which report to various masters, who in turn report to the grandmaster.

Since the advent of the Gutenberg press and the witch hunts, the units have taken to wearing facades. Whether posing as a troupe of wander minstrels, merchants, or a writing critique group, the units move through a world that often overlooks them.


Mages have existed since humanity discovered fire. And just as humanity has a complex relationship with the mercurial element, it also has it with its gifted kin.

At one time, mages rarely worked with outsiders. Since a group of mages banded together to increase their power and become otherworldly, though, mages have formed an alliance with the knighthood, and nowadays most mages are knights


Whether by accident or design, a zombie is often a mage, dark lord, or darkling’s favored attack for the simple reason that they self replicate.

They also come in a variety of styles.

Random: uncontrolled dead that roam close to whatever created them, infecting anyone they get ahold of.

Controlled: have a mage, dark lord, or darkling controlling their actions. They’re more likely to turn door knobs, move silently, or resist feeding. Because of the close tie between creator and zombie, if the creator is angry, their zombies will reflect that. Knights often use that tie to track the creator down to their lair.

Intelligent: there has been two known cases where a zombie was shown to have sentience. They were both the result of a mage trying to duplicate the spells that originally created the darklings and failing.

Chosen One

A powerful mage that has otherworldly abilities to heal and fight, Chosen Ones are born once every hundred years. It’s rumored that they carry within them a shard of magic itself. They’re often discovered by accident, after they’ve survived something that would’ve killed others.

Dark Lord

Like Chosen Ones, Dark Lords are powerful mages that have otherworldly abilities to heal and fight, only are born with a thread of the darkest of magic inside of them. It’s rumored that a dark lord was amongst the first darklings, and that his line still maintains power amongst them.


Once powerful mages, darklings have transcended mortality and become dangerous creatures that enjoy playing with humanity.

While they appear human, the dark magics used in their creation have given their voices a sepulcher edge.

When the darklings first appeared, the knights referred to them as shadows, intimating that they were humanity’s darkest aspects. The darklings were charmed by the term and still use it when referring to their royal line.

The darklings are ruled by a shadow king who’s descended from the mage who led them in their creation. In the centuries since they first appeared, some darkling kings have fought for world domination. Others have tried to destroy the knighthood. A few have tried to be the first people in the door during Black Friday sales.


Eldritch are darklings that have grown so powerful, they begin to lose their human facades. Even amongst darklings they are feared.