If Thayer had had his way, the two knights leading Trent away would’ve been carrying him.

He didn’t want to inflict any permanent damage. Just a broken foot, maybe a leg. Something that would remind the knight–former knight–that when one set someone up to die, sometimes that person came back and was &$@!ing angry about it.

Thayer wanted to hurt him _because_ a knight probably could kill someone and expect to get away with it. Accidents happened. People died. Paperwork was filed.

“I’d say your cellphone was breaking again but you’re not even holding it this time,” Quincy said.


Even as Thayer thought that, he felt the faint thread of power in his hand. It was the magical version of muscle memory, drawing up an attack instinctively.

The paperwork for that was even worse than accidental deaths.

“Sorry,” Thayer said.


“…” Thayer said it once. He could say it again. “Sorry. After dealing with all of the dead, I’m a bit on edge.” Thayer clenched and unclenched his hand. The magic was concentrated, waiting for release and glowing a soft green. It was going to take him a moment to force it back.

Two if Quincy made him repeat his apology.

“I’m sorry as well,” Quincy said.

The magic in Thayer’s hand dissipated. He was stunned. Heck, his magic was stunned.

Quincy frowned. The familiar sight was almost a relief.

“I sent him to you,” Quincy said.

“You didn’t set me up.” If Quincy wanted him dead, Thayer thought the knight would do it himself. There were times Thayer was certain Quincy already had the paperwork for his _accidental_ death already filled out.

Apparently he’d been wrong about that.

“I can’t say the thought’s never crossed my mind,” Quincy said.

Okay, maybe not too wrong.

Quincy glanced at Thayer. “It was a passing thing, when you’ve annoyed me most. You’ve probably thought the same of me or the grandmaster.”

“Not really.” Thayer had entertained fantasies where they needed him to rescue them, and Thayer did it and looked awesome.

And… maybe sometimes he was too late to rescue the grandmaster. Thayer always rescued Quincy. Partially because he was certain Quincy would hate it.

Just as he was probably hating this now.

If Thayer hadn’t been left to die, he would’ve enjoyed this.

… okay. Maybe he was enjoying it. Just a little.