Thayer in front of a computer Thayer Matheson: Here’s the thing about being a Chosen One. The world needs you, desperately. That doesn’t mean it always likes you.

A former knight, powerful mage, and avid coffee lover, Thayer is a powerful mage turned dark fantasy writer. In his stories, people are always saved, the good guys always win, and the bad guy is always caught. Obviously, the fantasy part is a bit stronger than the dark.

For the past year, Thayer has been in a relationship with Alex, the owner of Las Sombra Coffeehouse. Despite his deep affection for Alex, Thayer has never told him about his past.

Alex Vaughn: In 1675, Charles II banned coffeehouses. He was afraid the places allowed people to gather and plot. He had a reason to be afraid.

Alex has run Las Sombras Coffeehouse for the past five years. The secret to his popular coffee is in the beans, a secret that Alex knows Thayer doesn’t suspect… or would like.

Maddie Reaves: We’re all monsters before we’ve had that first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s easier to hide what we are after the first sip. Don’t mistake the facade for anything other than what it is, though. We’re still monsters. Just friendlier ones.

Alex’s assistant manager at the Coffeehouse. She may or may not have once been an assassin.

Quincy Stevens: The further you get as a knight–and as a mage–the more you discover that power has a price. No one ever said you had to pay it yourself, though. Be wary around those who don’t spill their own blood.

A knight who leads an elite team. Like Thayer, Quincy is a powerful mage who’s rumored to have been runner up for Chosen One. Unlike Thayer, Quincy prefers tea to coffee.

Landon Vaughn: I’m handsome, powerful, and wealthy. Why the &%#@! do I turn into a dork when I’m around that damn handsome knight?

Heir to their father’s mysterious empire, Landon is Alex’s older brother. The two don’t always get along. The one thing they do have in common? Both fell for knights. A former knight, in Alex’s case, and a current one, in Landon’s.

Jessica Ashcroft (Mystery): Secrets are interesting things. They have the power to destroy you. Sometimes they’re the only thing holding you together.

A former member of Thayer’s team, Jessica is currently a freelance knight who works alone.

Carlisle Blackwell: The only difference between a hero and a villain is who’s left to tell the story at the end.

Thayer’s former mage mentor, Carlisle was once a powerful knight who advised the Grandmaster. Currently he’s a guest at the Gaol. It’s whispered that he can’t be killed. Not for lack of trying, if you ask Thayer.

Bryan Dedrick: My dad was a knight. My grandmother was a knight. My great-great grandparents were knights. Growing up, I thought the stories they told seemed unbelievable. Now I think they held some things backs.

Barely out of his apprenticehood, Brian is a member of Quincy’s team.

Edward Whittaker: Isn’t there some paperwork you could be filling out?

The knighthood’s Grandmaster. Edward has been in power for the last thirty years.